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Fare Policy

How is the trip fare calculated?

Trip fare is calculated based on the unlock fee and the time duration of use.


Unlock fee


Fare (by time)

Per minute

Time-based fare

Pay based on the time duration of your ride

Your trip fare is calculated based on the time, in minutes, of the trip.

Keep in mind

Electric scooter and bicycle may have different fare rate. Fare rate for each model can be seen by pressing on the vehicle marker on the map.

Rates may vary based on location.

Click the vehicle markers on the map to see the exact rate.

Drop-off Fee

Drop-off fee is charged in gray areas.

Drop-off fee is charged when the trip is completed outside the service area. The fee amount increases the farther you are from the boundary. You can check the service area by zooming out on the map.

Tap on the map to see the exact drop-off fee amount.

Drop-off surcharge occurs


When you are outside the service area, drop-off fee is not charged as long as you don't end your ride.

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Hours of Operation

Our service is available 24/7.

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