Map Guide


Map usage

Find your destination on the map to see parking restrictions.

Tap a location on the map to see rules and restrictions. (No parking, speed limit, drop-off fee, etc.)

You can check from version 2.45 or higher.

Service Area

End your ride in the bright area of the map

Please park carefully and don't block the pedestrian pathway.

This is a service area

Drop-off Surcharge Zone

Drop-off surcharge is added here

A surcharge is applied for vehicles dropped off in the gray areas. The surcharge amount increase the further away the drop-off point is from the service area boundary.

Tap on the map to see the exact surcharge amount.

Drop-off surcharge occurs

No Parking Zone

Rides cannot be ended here.

The red colored area is a no parking zone. Please end your ride inside the service area (bright area) on the map.

This is a no parking zone.

No Ride/Speed Limit Zone

Throttle is disabled or vehicle speed is reduced.

According to the rules and regulations, the vehicle's throttle will be disabled or the vehicle speed will be reduced in the yellow area. If you enter these zones, please walk the vehicle out of the area to reenable the throttle.

This is a no ride zone.

This is a speed limit zone.

Dropping off the vehicle in a No Ride Zone will result in a penalty as per the applicable rules and regulations.

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