Create/Delete Account

I'm unable to receive the SMS verification code.

I'm unable to register and it says "sign up restricted".

How do I edit my personal data?

How do I get a refund on the remaining credit amount when I close my account?

Can I join again after closing my account?


Do I need a helmet?

Is the service available in any weather condition?

Can I manage multiple trips with one mobile device?

What happens if I go outside the service area?


How do I park?

Where can I park?

Are there places parking isn't allowed?

Where are the service area and valid drop-off places?

Safety Rules

What are the safety rules?

Vehicle malfunction

How do I report a malfunction?

Fare & Payment

How do I check the fare?

Drop-off surcharge fee occurred

How do I manage payment methods?

What should I do if payment fails?

What is GCOO Credits?

Where can I purchase a credit coupon?

Where can I check my Credit history?

What does the Minimum Required Credit mean?

Where can I find coupons?

How can I get refund for remaining credits?

I want to get a refund due to faulty vehicle or issues with drop-off.

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